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7 ways to move here

How does one move to Key West? There are lots of toss-off answers, like “marry rich” or “rob a bank,” but I decided to take this seriously. Here’s how one prepares to move to Key West.

Why would you leave?

Everyone dreams of living in Key West, a place where everyone knows why you’d move there. What most folks rarely stop to think about: Why would anyone up and leave? And they do. Lots of them.

North to Miami? Nope

Did you know you head east when you drive to Miami? Not north. East-northeast. And mostly east. Trust your eyes at sunrise. Well, except for a couple of stretches like that right turn in Big Pine, which is due south.

Today in Key West
Florida hurricanes | Let’s stop pretending we ought to rebuild so that we “can get back to normal”

Florida hurricanes | Let’s stop pretending we ought to rebuild so that we “can get back to normal”

Each year in the 1950s and '60s, my grandparents left western Pennsylvania for the winter, pulling a trailer they then parked in one or another tiny crossroads towns that were then west coast Florida. They skipped hurricane season and left for home as summer and...

What's up in Key West?

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Things to do

Key West Island NewsThere’s always something to do in Key West. Let us help you plan the perfect visit or welcome your guests. And, if you’ve forgotten how wonderful living here really is, we can help you jumpstart your love affair.
Hurricane Ian | Just a tropical storm? Don’t kid yourself.

Hurricane Ian | Just a tropical storm? Don’t kid yourself.

Ranger Ed and I should make a pact that we won't tell anyone about our visit overnight Tuesday with soon-to-become Hurricane Ian. Our sturdy little mid-1950s concrete block bungalow is so protected by our neighbors' properties, which are taller than ours, and by our deliberately planted native hammock that we never felt, much less heard, the storm around us. We didn’t lose power. We haven’t...

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Key West’s Mallory Square | What happens when history, nostalgia and cash collide?

Key West’s Mallory Square | What happens when history, nostalgia and cash collide?

Mornings are unkind to Key West's Mallory Square. Even after a night's rain, there's a lingering oops-I-overserved-myself on the humid breeze. The detritus of last night's Sunset Celebration is stacked in any ol' available corner and the city workers are swabbing down those public restrooms. The shops with their imported tchotchkes, shells and coozies aren't quite open. The Conch Train's not...

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Key West vacation rentals | 5 takeaways from the community workshop

Key West vacation rentals | 5 takeaways from the community workshop

By the time last Friday that I got around to watching Thursday's three-plus-hour community workshop on Key West vacation rentals, I knew these things for sure: No one set fire to city hall. The EMTs didn't show up and no one was arrested. From all accounts, the vacation rental workshop was a most civilized affair. Actually, it was. Civilized that is. Shockingly so, perhaps, given the volatile...

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Hurricane Irma | 5 years that changed Key West and the Keys

Hurricane Irma | 5 years that changed Key West and the Keys

Once a month I drive to Marathon and back for a board meeting. I've done that since before Hurricane Irma clobbered Key West and the Florida Keys on Sept. 10, 2017. For five years that 100 mile round trip has been my gauge for our recovery from Irma's Category 5 winds, pummeling rain and storm surge. The damage -- and the recovery -- is most visibly stunning across Big Pine Key, which, along...

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Finally. Our Monroe County commissioners et al finally convinced Gov. Ron DeSantis to include Monroe County in the federal disaster designation. ONLY the governor can do that and DeSantis had dragged his feet for more than a week. DeSantis had to recommend Monroe be included and only then could the POTUS formally make the designation. ... See MoreSee Less

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Sad it took that long. Remember to vote him out!

Yeesh... complain much ? Seems 'thank you' would be more human.

It never feels as if he likes us, for some reason.

Three out of 5 of our County Commissioners, including two representing Key West and Stock Island were appointed by the Governor.

But yet they are still reviewing whether individuals will get assistance.

Linda I got an email from Commissioner Hoover stating the President did this and we still need to get something else to accommodate individuals and that would be Desantis. Please correct me if I interpreted it wrong.

disappointing it took that long. happy Monroe was included.

He was too busy posing in a pair of fishing boots.


Y'all need a new governor.

Your Governor is an asshole… Why do you keep voting for him

Debris clean up only. Not good enough. Keep pushing.

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I'd love to see Lazy Way pedestrian- and non-motorized things only, maybe with an exception for deliveries etc., to the stores in early a.m.Key West City Commissioner Jimmy Weekley is convening a workshop to gather input from the community regarding ways to make Lazy Way more user friendly.
The workshop will be held on Tuesday, October 11th from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. on the second floor of the Schooner Wharf, located on Lazy Way. Lazy Way is the single lane street that connects William and Elizabeth streets.
The purpose of the meeting is to receive public input and ideas on making Lazy Way more pedestrian-friendly, with easier and more inviting access for bicyclists and walkers to visit and enjoy the area.
This initiative is part of the city’s efforts to create more pedestrian-friendly streets throughout Key West. In January 2020, the City conducted a survey of close to 4,000 residents, the majority of whom live in Key West year-round. One of the biggest concerns in the survey was traffic, parking, and congestion. The survey was followed by a series of focus groups with residents and employees to identify solutions. A popular suggestion was to create closed or shared streets, as many cities have done throughout the country and the world.
While we as a city try to respond to the needs of residents, the City also wants to honor the needs of the tenants of the Historic Seaport.
... See MoreSee Less

Id love to see Lazy Way pedestrian- and non-motorized things only, maybe with an exception for deliveries etc., to the stores in early a.m.

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Pedestrian and bicycle only. We love walking this path!!

Pedestrian only, afternoon and evening.

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