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Key West grief: Coping with the ways Covid-19 changed us forever

Key West's legendary resilience fascinates me. Pick any moment in its 200 year history and watch as its citizens wrestle with impossible disillusionment, gut-stabbing failures, slavery, wars and plagues. Stratospheric wealth cheek-by-jowl with crushing poverty. And woven though it all a near constant threat of storms and assorted Mother Nature pestilence. Not to mention no reliable local sources for water, electricity and communication.

Key West resilience

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Key West voters: Take a deep breath. Vote yes on 3.2

Key West voters: Take a deep breath. Vote yes on 3.2

Key West homes like those proposed for the 3.2 acres are a sound, smart start to re-building a stable home market for the island’s working families. The more secure our working families, the stronger our local economy. Let’s don’t let our burgeoning, 21st-century cynicism — or our esthetic arguments over paint colors — get in the way of doing the right thing. We need that 99-year lease to put us on the right path. Vote yes.

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Living in Key West: Part 3: cat hair, garbage cans and fresh water conchs

Living in Key West: Part 3: cat hair, garbage cans and fresh water conchs

It doesn’t take a degree in demographics and a passion for data dumps to know when Key West’s snowbirds arrive. Lights in that once dark house come on at dusk. There are peals of laughter across the fence line and the rumble of interesting conversations of which I can hear a few key words if the breeze is just right. They’re the early dog walkers ready with a “good morning,” a smile and a poop...

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Living in Key West | 5 predictions for 2022

Living in Key West | 5 predictions for 2022

Well, my friends of Key West, here we are, smack on the cusp of a new year. If even legendary columnists, like Miami's Dave Barry, can't resist the temptation to write a year-ender, how much less so I? We write these things, not because we actually sport prescience greater than regular folks, but because we have ink, pixels and platforms demanding to be filled even when there's nothing going on....

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By a two to one majority, Key West gave the go-ahead to pursuing a project that will put us on a path to stable, affordable homes for working families.Congrats Key West! ... See MoreSee Less

By a two to one majority, Key West gave the go-ahead to pursuing a project that will put us on a path to stable, affordable homes for working families.

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Define affordable?

How is this down to a three person vote?

Who ever voted against it needs an attitude adjustment.

Carleena Smith Supp Lynne Mart

That’s great! It’s still really difficult to find affordable housing if you’re a single person, and don’t want roommates, any ideas for that?

I suggest everyone pay close attention to this going forward. I voted yes even though I was not comfortable with the lack of a specific plan. Let’s be sure these are at the lower end of “workforce housing” and not the higher end where a single person can make $107,000 a year and still qualify.

The rich have been trying to push the working class out for decades. They have succeeded, and they will continue to rule the island. There will never be affordable housing for the working class, ever!

I hope that it really is affordable. So many say affordable but, they are not

Yes. And maybe re-look at the design.

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