The Key West Mystique

Key West Island News


Key West Island News connects Key West residents and friends of the island, fosters our One Human Family culture and advances understanding of shared goals for our island community

We believe

The Key West mystique

We believe there really is such a thing as the Key West state of mind. We believe that whether you were born here or first met Key West in 1970 or just a few weeks ago, those who love the island will never stray far. Preserving and enhancing that Key West mystique sustains our island home forever.

Be a smart citizen

We believe citizens should understand the Key West, Monroe County and Florida governmental decisions that shape our quality of life and the economic health of our community

Protect the environment

We believe improving environmental practices to protect the island, its waters and its wildlife while integrating appropriate growth and development sustains our future

Help those who help

We believe supporting the efforts of local not-for-profits, artists and entertainers to achieve their goals helps us all succeed and preserves the best of Key West

Support those who work

We believe in supporting local business owners, our workforce and our entrepreneurs to develop their potential to succeed and reach their markets

Who we are

We are a Key West-owned digital news and information company that uses a community-support model to sustain our news, information and connections mission. Our funding comes from our local and off-island subscribers, select advertisers and investors. We are governed by an advisory board comprising residents and journalism and community-building professionals. Editor and publisher Linda Grist Cunningham owns KeyWestWatch Media LLC, which publishes Key West Island News

What we do

We believe Key West needs a comprehensive, trusted source of news and information — a single place where residents and friends of Key West can find what they need to know each day.

We do original reporting and aggregate information from trusted news sources in Key West, the Keys and the state of Florida. We choose our trusted sources carefully to ensure accuracy and useful information.

One company. Dual missions

Key West Island News connects our community. KeyWestWatch Media helps its clients prosper.
Key West Island News

Key West Island News

Key West Island News is a locally owned digital information company that connects Key West residents and our off-island friends. We foster our One Human Family culture and advance understanding of shared goals. Our funding comes from local and off-island subscribers and investors. Our advisory board includes residents, journalists and community professionals.

Key West Island News

KeyWestWatch Media

KeyWestWatch Media builds and maintains custom WordPress websites for small businesses and not-for-profits. Managing digital media drains resources from small business owners. Those are hours away from customers. KeyWestWatch Media integrates your website and social media; coordinates vendors; manages outreach and marketing; and develops strong, original content.
Key West Island News

LGC Says

Linda Grist Cunningham continues her four decades of reporting and writing in her columns from Key West. She explores local and national news and the political  decisions that affect our lives, property investments and future of the Florida Keys. Her collection of Dear Connor columns is written for her grandson, Connor. Oh, and, she’ll take the occasional side trip to Key West wacky.

“Show me my path. Teach me along the way. Direct my anger. Grant me peace. Sustain my hope. Let me laugh.”




Be strong today for we will reap if we do not grow weary.

Linda Grist Cunningham, editor and publisher


Linda Grist Cunningham

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