When I began thinking 10 years ago about what Key West Island News might become, I knew this: I’d need half a million dollars to sustain the big model for two years. A decade later I’ve learned that I still need half a million for the full model, that I don’t have enough in the retirement account to fund it independently, and that I really don’t have to launch the entire business plan at once — and I still think its mission is important.

Key West Island NewsSo I’m starting with an old mantra: Invest a little; learn a lot. I’m funding Key West Island News, either in cash or in kind. The good news is I can build websites, I understand social media and marketing and I can gather and edit my own content. For as long as I have the energy — and you have the interest — I’ll keep the doors open.

If you believe in our mission; if you believe in independent locally-owned news organizations, and if you’re tired of spending hours searching for what you need, then I’d be grateful for your spare change. We take checks or you can pay through PayPal.

Neither KeyWestWatch Media LLC or Key West Island News are registered not-for-profits. That means your contributions are not tax deductible. But, I promise, they’ll be used to advance the goals of this one-stop-source of island news.

Thank you!

Linda Grist Cunningham


Key West Island NewsKey West Island News depends on the generosity of its contributors, sponsors and friends to cover the expenses of running the website. Editor Linda Grist Cunningham donates her time, skills and most of the funding, but she’s grateful for your help! Please remember: We are not a registered not-for-profit; your contributions are not tax deductible.

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