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Key West Island News connects Key West residents and friends of the island, fosters our One Human Family culture and advances understanding of shared goals for our island community


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Everyone’s welcome at Key West Island News. The website’s free to read and use as it suits you. But, if you’d like to do a bit more, we offer several ways to be involved.

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Got something to say? A photo or video to share? We’d love to share your columns, articles and photos and videos with our readers. And, someday, when we can afford it, we’ll pay our regular contributors with more than our gratitude.

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Our sponsors include individuals, organizations, not-for-profits and businesses that share the Key West Island News’ core values and mission. Sponsors receive premium positions and links to their websites and social media.

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OK, so here’s the deal: Editor Linda Grist Cunningham does this because she’s a news junkie and is tired of having to search hither and yon. She’ll keep doing it for free until she gets bored. But she could use your help defraying expenses like hosting and content.

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KeyWestWatch Media

KeyWestWatch Media builds custom WordPress websites, manages social media and develops digital marketing strategies for select small businesses and not-for-profits.

LGC Says

LGC Says is a collection of columns, essays and short stories written by Linda Grist Cunningham. The collection includes letters to her grandson and coverage of Hurricane Irma.

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Key West Island News

Key West Island News is a digital information company that connects Key West residents and friends of the island, fosters our One Human Family culture and advances shared goals.

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We welcome photographs, videos and articles from our readers. We encourage contributors who believe in on our mission: Building a community of locals and their off-island friends.


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We depend on our friends, businesses and organizations to help us offset the expenses of running a local news website. As a sponsor or supporter, you will connect your business or company to an established Key West community -- and show your support for a one-stop local news source


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