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Key West Island News connects Key West residents and friends of the island, fosters our One Human Family culture and advances understanding of shared goals for our island community

Welcome guest contributors

One of the joyful strengths of local news is discovering writers, columnists, photographers and videographers who enjoy sharing their work. Key West Island News welcomes content contributors who share our mission: Connect Key West residents and friends of the island, foster our One Human Family culture and advance understanding of shared goals for our island community.

Got something to say? A photo or video to share? We’d love to share your columns, articles and photos and videos with our readers. And, someday, when we can afford it, we’ll pay our regular contributors with more than our gratitude.

We do have five house rules. Reading them first will help you understand what you’re getting into.

The two most frequent questions:

1. Will I get paid? Nope. Or at least not in the beginning. I hate saying that. but the fact is, I’m funding this and I simply don’t have spare cash. Someday? I certainly hope so.

2. How do I sign up? Simple. Scroll down — stop in the middle to read the House Rules — then send me a note about what you want to do. We’ll work through the details and get you started.

Linda Grist Cunningham, editor and publisher

Share your ideas today

The house rules


We start with Number Five: NO TROLLS. This applies to content and comments. It’s my house; my rules. And, I hate unpleasant guests. So if your posts or comments are unpleasant, I’ll ask you to refrain — or depart.

1. You own it

You own it: Your must own the rights to any content, written or visual, that you submit for consideration. We have no tolerance for plagiarism. Don’t lift it, quote it or use it without appropriate attribution.

2. It's always your copyright

You own the material you submit and you retain any copyright. You give Key West Island News the right to distribute it — with attribution to you as best we can — on all the platforms it uses now or in the future. Feel free to gently watermark photos and videos. They’re yours.

3. Point of view

Everyone has one and we want to hear your voice. State what you know, tell us what you don’t know, and share what you think you know. Keep it in context, factual and remember our mission. But …. Key West Island News isn’t the place for your version of gonzo. We reserve the right to take it down if you stray too far afield from our mission. Keep it clean; it’s a GP-rated website.

4. You're on your own

Independent contractor: You don’t work for Key West Island News. There’s lots of legal fine print about that, but it boils down to this: You’re on your own. We don’t edit, fact check or re-write. We’ve set the guidelines and we decide if what you submit meets them. We’ll either use what you submit — or not.

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