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Hurricane Irma Anniversary


It’s been five years since Hurricane Irma and the Florida Keys faced off in a wind-and-water war that left Key West relatively unharmed — and the middle Keys devastated. We are recovering; some keys faster than others. But the emotional scars remain, sometimes hidden behind smiling faces.


We begin with her first posts on Sept. 5, 2017, as her husband, Ed Cunningham, the park ranger and Cat 5 Dada, completed hurricane preparations, through today as Key West and the Keys continue to recover.

Molly the Cat

Miss Molly, one of the Cat 5s who rode out Hurricane Irma, says “I’m still here.”

Timeline coverage | September 2017

Where the heck IS Key West?

Where is Key West? Thought a little geography lesson might be helpful. See that blue dot down at the bottom? That's Key West. Our island is 163.8 miles southwest of Miami. Tampa on the west coast is closer to Melbourne on the east coast (145...

Key West Island News

Hurricane news after 2017

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