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7 ways to move here

How does one move to Key West? There are lots of toss-off answers, like “marry rich” or “rob a bank,” but I decided to take this seriously. Here’s how one prepares to move to Key West.

Why would you leave?

Everyone dreams of living in Key West, a place where everyone knows why you’d move there. What most folks rarely stop to think about: Why would anyone up and leave? And they do. Lots of them.

North to Miami? Nope

Did you know you head east when you drive to Miami? Not north. East-northeast. And mostly east. Trust your eyes at sunrise. Well, except for a couple of stretches like that right turn in Big Pine, which is due south.

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Key West Island NewsThere’s always something to do in Key West. Let us help you plan the perfect visit or welcome your guests. And, if you’ve forgotten how wonderful living here really is, we can help you jumpstart your love affair.
Key West Covid | Why do two years feel like a lifetime?

Key West Covid | Why do two years feel like a lifetime?

In Key West Covid escalated the trends that were already shaping and defining our island. Over the next eight years, Key West will complete perhaps the most transformative of its historic changes: the shift from local working town where a few folks always visited to a full-on tourist destination with pockets of locals who can hang on.

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Key West vacations with kids? Easy answer: It depends

Key West vacations with kids? Easy answer: It depends

Key West vacations with kids are not for the faint of heart. I know that's not what you wanted to hear. I know that's not what the marketing folks tell you, but the words Key West, vacations and kids don't play well together. Oh, you can do it but, as with sky diving, you probably ought to ask not "can I do it," but "should I do it"? Ranger Ed and I are wrapping up a week with our nine-year-old...

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Riding out a hurricane (think 12 hours give or take) is the really easy part, assuming your anxiety levels withstand the horrifying onslaught of noise like a unending freight train in your bedroom; the creaking of your house as it sways against the wind; the crashing of coconuts, limbs and the neighbors’ pool chairs against your windows and shutters; and, the knowledge that the next “thump” could be the roof — or walls — giving way.
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Oh gosh is this current?

I would tend to agree with highly anxious situation

In July 1934, the City of Key West was in the midst of the Great Depression - it was bankrupt and desperate. The city asked for a meeting with Florida’s governor, David Sholtz, and officially requested that his office take charge of its affairs because the island had been placed in a state of emergency by a series of economic setbacks. Sholtz accepted the responsibility and immediately drafted plans to send the Federal Emergency Relief Agency (FERA) representative for Florida, Julius Stone, to Key West. Stone took over the administrative affairs of the stranded city with the aim of turning the island into a tourist destination, getting the residents back to work and on their feet economically.

This was part of the larger New Deal program initiated by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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And in 1936 the key west tropical Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden was created!

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Martha Hubbard

“Key West is an amazing canvas”

Key West chef and photographer Martha Hubbard walks the island each morning. For years she has shared with her social media friends a photo or two to start the day. Now she shares her photographs exclusively with Key West Island News. From pounding waves off the White Street pier to a Royal Poinciana bursting red, Martha’s photos are a stunning reminder that we live in a canvas made new every day.

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