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I’m no ad sales rep. Just ask anyone who worked alongside me for 40 years in the news business. I might be able to convince you of an editorial position, but ask you to pay for an ad in the newspaper? I’d scurry off to the press room to hide. There are people born to sell; and all the rest of us.

But asking you to be a sponsor of Key West Island News? That I can do.

Linda Grist Cunningham, editor and publisher



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The benefits of being a KWIN sponsor

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Reach your audience

You will reach more than 13,000 social media users specifically interested in Key West. The users are clustered in the 45-65 year old market with disposable incomes and a passion for all things Key West. Key West Island News is fully integrated with three social media platforms owned and managed by KeyWestWatch Media, including KeyWestHurricaneIrma, which continues to grow. That means reaching thousands of people in an established online community, all fully connected with Key West.

Key West Island News

Promote your brand

Unlike other websites, which may surround your brand with competitors, Key West Island News offers premium, exclusive positions to our sponsors. In short, you purchase the category and yours is the only company or organization that gets the premium positions on our Home Page or one of our inside pages. Premier Sponsor positions start at $1,000 for three months. We also offer Coral positions at $500 and Palm positions at $200.

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Show your support

Among our most valuable sponsors are our individual supporter, the folks who believe in an independent, locally-owned news and information source. These individual supports share our mission, believe in the One Human Family island culture — and value their time too much to waste it wandering through hours of online searching. We’ve created custom contributions for our individual supporters and recognize them publicly on the website.

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You may make your support contribution online or contact us for additional details. Each supporter receives recognition on our website and through our marketing. But, if you prefer to remain anonymous, we can do that, too. Individuals and organizations are welcome as supporters.



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